What You Should Know About Household Pest Management

All residential and office areas occasionally encounter issues with pests if not monitored and remedied as a regular practise. Whilst some insects and bugs can be a mere nuisance, others could sting and transmit diseases making the issue a further complication that could be a stressful dilemma. General instinct would make you reach for a spray can remedy which might not be able to resolve the problem completely. With the majority of the population being conscious and aware of harmful effects of household chemicals that are used in pesticides alternative options are always on the cards to control and eradicate pests.

Approaching the issue in a haphazard manner is not advised by pest control professionals, whilst understanding the issue in depth is considered the initial step in finding an effective solution. Identifying the pest will assist in planning on factors that could curb its reproduction and survival. Generally water, food and shelter are a requirement for survival and managing to limit or completely stop either or the total necessities can significantly impact the survival of pests. Therefore knowing the pests are important.

Bed Bugs – A worldwide complication feeding mostly on humans whilst capable of attacking birds, bats and other animals, bed bug control has been a popularly discussed topic. Inflicting a painless bite at night its fluids injected cause itchy welts and could lead to severe irritation of the skin. With the lifespan of approximately 1 year or longer, its ability to transmit disease has not been identified currently.

Control methods – Once identification of the insect is complete, ensure to start with washing of all linen and a thorough vacuum of the areas connected. Utilization of botanical insecticides in cracks with temporary barriers around the bed area can control the situation temporarily. Natural pest barriers, organic insect dust along with professional expertise is considered successful in ensuring that the insects are completely removed.

Bed bug removal methods are further advised for individuals who travel a lot. This is mainly because these insects are known to hitchhike on people from one location to another. You can read more about bed bugs here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bed_bug

Ants – A common insect ranging from approximately 0.75 to 52 millimetres with colour from a yellow mixed red to black, capable of building large colonies effect areas structurally if left untreated. Determining if the insect is a termite or an ant would enable an effective solution. Ants are considered to have thin waists and twisted antennae whiles termites have plump waists with straight antennae.

Control methods – Ensure all food and trash areas are cleaned daily. Apply natural insect spray in areas that encourage the ants to come through and fix crevices and cracks to completely seal off a location. Usage of natural pest barriers, organic insect dust, organic insect killer granules, boric acid dust, natural citrus peel spray are  several successful methods that could be utilized. In order to completely eradicate the issue locating the mound and destroying the colony and queen is recommended with professional assistance.

With several thousands of insects affecting the maintenance in households globally, being able to identify the insect initially and subsequently decide on options of self remedy or usage of professional expertise is recommended with sufficient research in finding a long lasting solution.